Does it seem like stories carry over from sprint to sprint, no matter what you do?

An overhaul of your requirements pipeline could give you reliable delivery on commitments for each and every sprint.

One of the biggest impediments for software teams is simply not knowing what to do. Confusion over the exact meaning of a requirement, back and forth conversations and endless meetings around incomplete or poorly-defined scope, and hunting down missing information will kill a team’s productivity. This is often seen as a failure of developers but, in reality, it all comes from making delivery commitments against incomplete or immature requirements.

The first improvements introduced by the Producore Framework will solve these exact problems. Your teams will go from making commitments based on vague notions of what might need to be done in a sprint, to basing their estimates on a clear and agreed upon understanding. Instead of starting work from requirements that aren’t ready, teams will only begin implementing a story when they are properly set up for success. This eliminates waste and ensures smooth flow from the beginning of work to delivery..

This isn’t going back to Waterfall. We don’t teach teams to “know everything before they do anything”. Work items can and should remain small. What we do instead is help your teams make those work items achievable within a sprint by ensuring they have everything they need to accomplish that goal before implementation begins.

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