Hi [insert manager's name],

I've found an online course called Better Requirements for Scrum, and I'm writing to request your approval to make the purchase.

The course covers critical team skills and additions to our Scrum process that will eliminate a number of our pain points that tend to cause stories to carry over from one sprint to the next, such as:

Based on the content and case studies I've seen, I believe I'll be able to bring back an actionable plan to dramatically improve my team's pace of delivery while increasing the sustainability of the team's workload. I think this will significantly improve our chances of achieving [add business goal here].

You can view the course curriculum, components, and other details here.

It's a 2-day-long live workshop via Zoom with the instructor, an experienced software and product development coach with more than 25 years of experience in the field. There are flexible scheduling options, so fitting it in with my other work should be no problem.

The course is held online via Zoom, and it won't require airfare or lodging expenses. The total cost is 999 USD.

Thank you for considering this request. I'm happy to talk with you if you'd like any further information.